Live Music Schedule

Enjoy free live music at the Winery every  Friday Night, Saturday, and  Sunday!


Friday, Apr. 11 ~ Jason Weismann 5:30-8:30 pm Crooning from today and yesteryear, Jason Weismann, an emerging voice and sax soloist plays traditional and original compositions. Enjoy funk, sole, and contemporary jazz..
Saturday, Apr. 12 ~ Linday Pedalty 1-4 pm Lindsay Pedalty brings a fresh voice to the Twin Cities music scene. Her clear, unaffected voice is sophisticated and refreshing. She is comfortable singing a variety of music, including pop, both old and new rock, blues, jazz, standards, and even a country tune or two. She has experience performing at clubs and cafes with several local music acts around the Twin Cities as well as private events.
Ashes for April 5-8 pm 4 Guys with 6 acoustic instruments performing retro pop songs!

Sunday, Apr. 13 ~ Jagged Ease 1-4 pm Jagged Ease is a five piece acoustic group that plays original music ranging from a lounge feel to a blues driven sound.

Friday, Apr. 18 ~ Andrew Walesch 5:30-8:30 pm Andrew Walesch performs the crowd favorites of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, along with many of his own songs too.

Saturday, Apr. 19 ~ Andrew Walesch 1-4 pm Andrew Walesch performs the crowd favorites of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, along with many of his own songs too.
The Three Muscatelles 5-8 pm The Three Muscatelles is a trio of women who love to enjoy and share music! We play guitar, fiddle and percussion, and sing ballads, bluegrass, folk and blues. We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming shows!
Sunday, Apr. 20 ~ No music, Easter Sunday.
Friday, Apr. 25 ~ Bob Rapp & Christina Brantner 5:30-8:30 pm This Duo performs music by the likes of the great Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Johnny Mathis, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, and Neil Diamond.
Saturday, Apr. 26 ~ Robert Meany 1-4 pm Rob Meany is an award-winning singer-songwriter-pianist from the Twin Cities. WIth a style akin to Billy Joel and Elton John, he performs a variety of your favorites tunes from the last 50 years.
Lingua Luna 5-8 pm Lingua Luna is a Minneapolis-based contemporary folk trio who began their musical collaboration after years of friendship. Their music stems from their classical training as well as improvisation and often includes beautiful acoustic harmonies.

Sunday, Apr. 27 ~ The Riddle Bros. 1-4 pm With strong ties to their southern heritage, The Riddle Brothers play an eclectic acoustic blend of music styles that’s pure Americana. Their musical roots originate from living in cities nestled along the shores of the Mississippi including Baton Rouge LA, Moline IL and Minneapolis MN.


Saturday, May 3 ~Joel Kachel 1-4 pm & treVeld 5-8 pm
Sunday, May 4 ~ D'Sievers 1-4 pm
Saturday, May 10 ~ Robert Meany 1-4 pm  & Ashes for April 5-8 pm
Sunday, May 11 ~ Tony Williams 1-4 pm
Saturday, May 17 ~ Andrew Walesch 1-4 pm
Sunday, May 18 ~ The Average Janes 2-5 pm
Saturday, May 24 ~ 6th Street Trio 1-4 pm & Relativity 5-8 pm
Sunday, May 25 ~ Jagged Ease 1-4 pm
Saturday, May 31 ~ TBD


Sunday, June 1 ~ treVeld 2-5 pm
Saturday, June 7 ~Robert Meany 1-4 pm
Sunday, June 8 ~ Relativity 1-4 pm
Saturday, June 14 ~ Tony Williams 1-4 pm & Ashes for April 5-8 pm
Sunday, June 15 ~ Joel Kachel 1-4 pm
Saturday, June 21 ~ Timothy Howe 1-4 pm
Sunday, June 22 ~ The Average Janes 2-5 pm
Saturday, June 28 ~ TBD & Jagged Ease 5-8 pm
Sunday, June 29 ~ 6th Street Trio 2-5 pm


Saturday, July 5 ~ 6th Street Trio 1-4 pm
Sunday, July 6 ~ The Average Janes 2-5 pm
Saturday, July 12 ~ Relativity 1-4 pm & Ashes for April 5-8 pm
Sunday, July 13 ~ Jagged Ease 2-5 pm
Saturday, July 19 ~ Andrew Walesch 1-4 pm & Tony Williams 5-8 pm
Sunday, July 20 ~ treVeld 2-5 pm
Saturday, July 26 ~ Roberty Meany 1-4 pm & D'Sievers 5-8 pm
Sunday, July 27 ~ Timothy Howe 2-5 pm


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